Oh dear god had to chime in on this one. My uncle owned a GTHO Phase III back in the 70s. Ive heard so many stories from my Mum of how much these haul ass. Scary to think they can fetch three quarters of a million dollars in auctions these days.

Damn sad really, had a chance to buy one for 27K, mint original track red, out of work for 3 days, when I went back it was sold, within reach really, not long after that the prices skyrocketed out of control and reach, now they’re bullshit garage potatoes, never driven, like collector cards now!!!!



"There are people who say that he was not a good guy - he was manipulative, he was this, that and the other. I tend to see it as, you are what you are. He could be a shit, like anybody else. But a lot of it had to do with being given permission to say and do whatever you wanted, because nobody was in a position to tell you no. Everybody’s yessing you, and everybody wants a piece of you. So what do you do?" - Suze Rotolo